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The JATENZO Support Program

Help patients start—and stay with—JATENZO.

The JATENZO Support Program was designed to help speed time-to-therapy by identifying patients' comprehensive benefit information, providing real-time e-prior authorizations, offering
immediate copay screening and enrollment, and delivering JATENZO straight to your patients' home.

Prescribe JATENZO Rx to CoAssist
Pharmacy, and we'll do the rest.

Benefit to your practice:

Automated electronic
benefit verification
Real-time e-prior authorizations

Benefit to your patients:

Copay assistance for
eligible patients
Home delivery
Refill reminders

How do I get my patients started?

Prescribe JATENZO Rx to
CoAssist Pharmacy

eRX NCPDP: 5733604 or
NPI: 1588101356
Phone: 855-382-2533 |
Fax: 833-596-2174
Hours: Monday-Friday
9am-5pm EST

  • An automated benefit investigation is conducted at the point of prescription to access the most up-to-date information and payer requirements
  • You will receive a link and pin number for patient-specific questions and prior authorization approval

What can my patients expect?

Your patients will receive a welcome text from CoAssist to let them know the prescription is being processed.

  • CoAssist will also text or call your patients if additional insurance information is
    required and to collect any copay amount

JATENZO is delivered straight to your patient’s door in 3 to 5 business days from
the day of patient consent and payment.

  • Your patient will receive text notifications and tracking information for their
    delivery, as well as ongoing medication refill reminders
JATENZO® (testosterone undecanoate) copay card

Help your patients save
on monthly prescription costs

With the JATENZO Support Program, eligible patients may pay
as little as $0 for each monthly prescription—beginning with
their very first.*

Patients without commercial health insurance can still save up
to 50% on their monthly prescription.

Download the Savings Card

Check Formulary Coverage

JATENZO is covered by most insurance plans.

Additional Resources

For Your Office

Supplemental Information Form

JATENZO® (testosterone undecanoate) supplemental information form icon

Facilitate timely coverage decisions by using this tool designed to help submit a robust PA request.

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Patient Discussion Guide

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Guide conversations with patients about their level of satisfaction with their current treatment.

For Your Patients

Patient Education Guide

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Get at-a-glance information about JATENZO to assist with patient conversations.

For Your Patients

JATENZO Support Program

JATENZO® (testosterone undecanoate) patient support icon

Provide your patients with a brief overview of the CoAssist Pharmacy process, copay savings information, and more.