Shouldn't testosterone replacement therapy be an easy concept to swallow?

Say hello to oral delivery with JATENZO.

MEET THE FIRST ORAL SOFTGEL Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) That Offers Dosing Options1,2

JATENZO is an oral formulation of testosterone undecanoate that is formulated as a lipophilic testosterone prodrug1,3

It's absorbed via the intestinal lymphatic system, therefore avoiding first-pass hepatic metabolism1,3

In clinical trials, no liver toxicity-related events were observed1,3

Mode of Absorption1,3-5

JATENZO's intentional design enables safe oral delivery of testosterone undecanoate, which is delivered almost exclusively (>97%) via the intestinal lymphatic system.

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JATENZO is taken orally with food and moves into the intestine
JATENZO combines with lipoprotein particles in the intestine
JATENZO passing into the intestinal lymphatic system
Active testosterone is released in circulation

Taken orally with food

Each JATENZO softgel contains testosterone undecanoate (TU), a prodrug formed by attaching a fatty acid to testosterone, which the body naturally cleaves off to release testosterone.

Carried by lipoproteins into lymphatics

Once in the intestine, this lipophilic prodrug combines with lipoprotein particles, allowing absorption into the intestinal lymphatic system. In contrast, carbohydrates and proteins are absorbed into the portal circulation.

Avoids first-pass hepatic metabolism

JATENZO passes into the intestinal lymphatic system (therefore bypassing the liver) as testosterone awaits activation.

Release of active testosterone in circulation

After TU releases from lipoprotein particle, endogenous esterases liberate testosterone from TU. Fatty acid is metabolized like dietary fatty acids.

Lipoprotein particle

Lipoprotein particle

Proteins and carbohydrates

Proteins and carbohydrates

TU prodrug

TU prodrug

Active testosterone

Active testosterone

TRT Administration shouldn't be much of a challenge6,7:

Oral delivery offers:

No injection pain, no procedures

No mess, no drying time

No transference concerns

No skin irritation

No gum irritation/disorders

No nasal irritation